Getting Started

Nostr Clients

The following clients appear to be no longer active (web client no longer active or development appears to have stopped).

Nostr Signing Extensions

Use these when using web apps to avoid giving them your keys.

  • nos2x – Nostr Signer Extension for Chrome
  • nos2x-fox – Nostr Signer Extension for Firefox
  • Alby – Lightning wallet with Nostr integration
  • Flamingo – Nostr Signer Extension for Chrome
  • Nostore – Signing extension for Safari on iOS app store

Nostr Media File Hosting

Images and other media files on Nostr need to be uploaded to external file hosting service and the URL pasted into the note. These media file hosting services have been developed specifically for this purpose.

Finding People

Finding Relays

Paid Relays

Paid relays charge a small admission fee which is paid using the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Using these relays helps to minimise spam and supports the relay operators to continue providing a relay service.

Special Purpose Relays

Adding these special purpose relays can assist with discovery of new users, finding user profiles and ensuring that notes are broadcast to other relays correctly.

  • wss://welcome.nostr.wine – Relay providing notes only from new users.
  • wss://blastr.f7z.xyz – Broadcast to all known public relays
  • wss://purplepag.es – Event kinds 0 and 10002 only for user profile discovery, gossip-compatible
  • wss://relay.mostr.pub – Mastodon Fediverse bridge relay (more information here)

NIP-57 Compatible Lighting Wallets

Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC) Compatible Lightning Wallets

Damus Zap Workarounds

Projects designed to work around the limitations on zaps imposed on Damus by Apple



Audio and Video

NIP-05 Verification Services

POW Vanity Keys

Relay Implementations

Relay Setup Guides

Personal Relay Hosting

  • Umbrel – Umbrel includes Nostr relay functionality
  • Start9 – Start9 Registry includes Nostr RS Relay

Technical Documentation

Searching Nostr

Nostr Statistics

Backup/Retrieve Nostr Data


NIP-57 Zaps To Lighting Node

These allow setting up a Lighting address capable of receiving NIP-57 Zaps to a self hosted Lighting node.

Nostr Bounties & Jobs



  • Highlighter – Zappable Nostr highlights
  • frenstr – AI generated description of yourself based on Nostr notes
  • Tamga – Offline first nostr contact & profile manager (iOS TestFlight)
  • sms2nostr – sms-to-nostr gateway implementation
  • damus.io/key – Damus key converter, convert npub/nsec to Hex format
  • nostrich.fun – Repository of Nostr projects
  • Nostr Spam Detection – Machine learning model to label Nostr spam
  • Nostri.chat – Web chat widget for Nostr
  • NostrLand – Nostr AI Art
  • Ananostr – Nostr-powered classified (Craigslist alternative)
  • DIY Nostr Signing Device – Hardware device for storing keys
  • NDK – Nostr Development Kit
  • got nostr? – Simple way to share your Nostr identity
  • Toolstr – Nostr tools including the ability to check who has muted you
  • Nostr It – Schedule Nostr posts based on time or trigger
  • Nostr Invites – Share invites to Nostr
  • Bitpac – Publicly auditable cooperative on Bitcoin using Nostr npubs
  • Listr – Tool to browse and manage lists on Nostr
  • Nosli – Create curated lists of Nostr posts